vi tricks

:sp  # opens another file in a vertical window
:vs  # opens another file in a horizontal window


Get website cert info via CLI

echo | openssl s_client -showcerts -servername r.inq.ph -connect r.inq.ph:443 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -inform pem -noout -text

What's your vimrc?

set number
syntax on
set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set autoindent

set cursorline
highlight CursorLine term=bold cterm=bold ctermbg=DarkBlue

set expandtab
set showmatch


.bashrc / .profile

PS1="\n\[\e[30;1m\](\[\e[34;1m\]\u@\[\e[32;1m\]\h\[\e[30;1m\])-(\[\e[31;1m\]\t\[\e[30;1m\])-(\[\[\e[32;1m\]\w\[\e[30;1m\])\[\e[30;1m\]\n(jobs:\[\e[34;1m\]\j\[\e[30;1m\])\`if [ \$? -eq 0 ]; then echo \[\e[32m\] \(^_^\); else echo \[\e[31m\] \(o\.O\) ; fi\`\[\e[0m\] $ "


Installing PHP 5.2.17 on CentOS 5.x

But why? Don't ask... Install EPEL Repo: http://ftp.riken.jp/Linux/fedora/epel/5/i386/repoview/epel-release.html Install CentALT: http://centos.alt.ru/pub/repository/centos/readme.txt done


Usefull varnish monitoring commands

varnishlog -c -m"VCL_call:hit" | grep RxURL
varnishlog -c -m"VCL_call:miss" | grep RxURL
varnishlog -a -w /tmp/varnish.log
varnishlog -r /tmp/varnish.log
varnishlog -i RxHeader -I Cookie

varnishtop -i RxHeader -I \^User-Agent
varnishtop -i RxRequest
varnishtop -i RxHeader -I \^Host
varnishtop -i RxHeader -I Cookie


Day 2: Installing MovableType 5.2.3

12:45pm: Installed Net::SMTP::TLS Net::SMTP::SSL. Seems to install right after the avalanche of installing modules did not work. Hmmm.

12:50pm: Decided not to install PSGI related modules and other DB related modules except for DBI::mysql

12:54pm: Installed perl-Crypt-SSLeay package via YUM.

1:58pm: Ran mt-check.cgi, so far so good. Ran the Configuration Wizard. Installation complete!

Next agenda:
1. Switching to nginx
2. Using custom fields

Day 1: Prepping Server for MovableType 5.2.3

OK, here we go. I'll blog things down as I go.

Long before WordPress, blogging dinosaurs such as myself used MovableType. I've used MT from 1.x till pre-3.x when SixApart changed the licensing model which upset a lot of MT users. The changes in MT made users move to WP. You can find more about the MT/WP history here. You can also read about the contribution I made that made its way into the book Essential Blogging from O'Reilly.

I'm using Centos 5.9 VM with 4GB of memory, 2 Processors and 80GB of space. I'll be using Apache for the webserver (I'll make it work on nginx and lighttpd afterwards), MySQL 5.0.95 and Perl 5.8.8.

2:30pm: Installed httpd and mysql client & server:

yum install httpd mysql mysql-server

2:57pm: Installed Development Tools:

yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'

3:43pm: Installed required Perl modules:

perl -MCPAN -e shell << EOJ
install CGI Image::Size File::Spec CGI::Cookie DBI DBD::mysql Archive::Tar Archive::Zip Crypt::DSA Digest::MD5 Digest::SHA1 File::Temp GD HTML::Entities HTML::Parser Image::Magick IO::Compress::Gzip IO::Uncompress::Gunzip IPC::Run List::Util LWP::UserAgent Mail::Sendmail MIME::Base64 Safe Scalar::Util SOAP::Lite Storable Text::Balanced XML::Atom XML::Parser XML::SAX

3:55pm: Drank tea while Perl downloads and install the required CPAN modules.

4:24pm: As expected, not all CPAN modules were installed. Lets see what got not installed.

5:00pm: Had to disable selinux temporarily. Noted!

5:37pm: Installed gd, gd-progs, gd-devel, ImageMagick, ImageMagick-devel & ImageMagick-perl

6:00pm: Called it a day


Working with Movable Type

In a couple of days, I'll start using Movable Type, making it work while documenting everything. wish me luck!