Ubuntu, Spam, etc

Got a package from the Netherlands the other day. I ordered Ubuntu Linux CDs a couple of weeks ago. I never thought they'd actually grant my request. I heard lots of people have been waiting for ages to get a bunch. I got 10 CDs for x86 PCs and 1 for AMD64/Titanium chips.

I tried the Live CD version first to "see" how it feels. I can't seem to adjust the frequency of the monitor. The result was the desktop was skewed to the left. Haven't totally tried the other boot options. The Mrs was giving me the Evil Eye(tm).

I email a request to an ISP a while ago. One of our clients mails were missing. Funny thing is, all other mails coming from someone else were fine.

My email to the corporate support bounced back. The mother ISP of that ISP (makes sense?) is rejecting the mail because the ISP was blacklisted by spamcop. Hahahaha! That's system administration for yah.

I love my job.


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